While there have been great strides and improvements in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights in the United States, the protections afforded the LGBT community are not up to par with more commonly accepted human rights standards. Same-sex couples need experienced legal counsel in order to assist them in navigating a complicated legal system that does not adequately protect their rights.

Giampolo Law Group assists LGBT couples in forming or dissolving relationship agreements or contracts, when buying or transferring property, in adopting, and in estate planning. Moreover, whether single or in a committed relationship, GLG strives to thoroughly evaluate your needs and provide you with an estate plan that reflects your wishes.

Estate Planning
Estate planning is essential for every person regardless of wealth especially for the LGBT community. GLG can help you establish or reorganize an estate plan which addresses your unique concerns while accounting for the complexities in state and federal laws relating to property ownership, marriage recognition, gifts, health insurance and inheritance taxes. Only with proper estate planning can you be assured that your loved ones will be protected after you’re gone.

In addition to ensuring that your estate is governed by your wishes, proper estate planning protects the entire family throughout your lifetime. It equips you with the essential documents needed to make sure that your partner can visit you in the hospital and permits you to make one another’s health and financial decisions should the need arise. Most importantly, it solidifies and protects the relationships each partner has to any gestational or adopted children.

If you own a business, proper estate planning can ensure that the business lives on after your death. A properly structured trust will avoid putting your loved ones through the expensive, lengthy, and emotionally draining court probate process. Moreover, you can prevent some or any of your assets from being subject to estate tax upon your death, allowing more of your estate to be enjoyed by your loved ones, and less to be lost to taxes.

Lastly, estate planning allows you to provide for any charities or other worthwhile causes, while at the same time receiving estate tax benefits.

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