Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you have stuff
by Angela Giampolo, Philadelphia Gay News , November, 2010
The end of a relationship can wreak havoc on your emotions.

Answers to common legal questions
by Angela Giampolo, Philadelphia Gay News , October, 2010
Because gays and lesbians do not have equality under federal or state law, it’s important to know what legal protections you do have and what precautions you can take to protect you and your loved ones.

Status of employment and rights
by Angela Giampolo, Philadelphia Gay News , September, 2010
As an employee, it is essential to know exactly what your employment rights are and whether you fall within a category granted special protections under the law.

Insemination and the law
by Angela Giampolo, Philadelphia Gay News , August, 2010
While considering artificial insemination, individuals should understand the laws governing donor insemination in their state.

Adoption for same-sex couples: a patchwork quilt
by Angela Giampolo, Philadelphia Gay News , July, 2010
Deciding to start a family is an exciting and significant decision for many couples; however, same-sex couples face unique legal hurdles with respect to adoption once this decision is made.

Business succession for LGBT businessowners
by Angela Giampolo, Philadelphia Gay News , June, 2010
As same-sex marriage is not legal in most states, proper estate planning is particularly important for the LGBT community.

Domestic partnerships, civil unions and gay marriage
by Angela Giampolo, Philadelphia Gay News , May 6, 2010
While the quest for marriage equality goes forth, many wonder (justifiably) what the differences are among domestic partnerships, civil unions and marriage.

Out Law: The pre-prenup
by Angela Giampolo, Philadelphia Gay News , April 8, 2010
As states move slowly to adopt same-sex marriage, couples are turning to other legal mechanisms to govern their relationships.

Two Women Arrested in Fight at School
by Valerie Russ,, March 31, 2010
Lakia Harris-Nixon froze when she recently spotted one of the women accused of beating her up last month.

Tenants left in the cold — and consult a lawyer
by Monica Yant Kinney,, January 16, 2010
I had hoped to wait a month or so to deliver a good-news update about the not-so-luxurious living conditions at the Marquis apartments in King of Prussia.

At the Marquis, empty promises
by Monica Yant Kinney,, January 6, 2010
In promotional materials, the Marquis Apartments promise luxury living, suburban serenity, and a sweeping view of King of Prussia.

Does my Company need In-House Counsel?
by Angela Giampolo
A business of any size can benefit from having an In-House Counsel and contrary to wide-held belief, the major benefit to the entity is financial.

Philadelphia: A haven within a hell?
by Angela Giampolo, EDGE Philadelphia, July 3, 2008
Those of us who are lucky enough to live in the city of Philadelphia are shielded (practically speaking) from the harsh realities of the discrimination that runs rampant in the rest of Pennsylvania-both socially and legally.

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