Giampolo Law Group has served as legal counsel for EcoWalls, a living architectural firm, since July 2010. As a design and build firm developing a new sustainable product line, our legal needs are diverse and often unique. She has aided EcoWalls to successfully obtain investment capital and has been instrumental in providing legal and business development advice. Angela personally caters to her client’s needs, offering a kind and holistic approach to legal counsel; a rarity in today’s business environment. Giampolo Law Group is a key element to our fast and successful growth and I would highly recommend her services to any business.

- Michael Coraggio and Ryan Burrows, Co-Founders of Eco Walls

As a new wellness business in Philadelphia, Giampolo Law Group was a perfect match for Mineral Moon Healing, LLC. Angela helped form the LLC and provided her contribution on other tasks including drafting important terms and conditions documents, and to obtain wholesale licensing. As a new business owner in uncharted territory, Angela helped address and connect all the pieces together to structure Mineral Moon Healing. Angela’s approach is holistic in nature from the way she interacted with me as an individual to our highly motivating and productive meetings. She also proved to be a wealth of knowledge to me when I needed other professionals and solutions to assist in the components of building a business. Giampolo Law Group exceeded my expectations and I can truly feel Angela’s distinct passion for helping others.

- Christel Alberez, Owner of Mineral Moon Healing, LLC

Angela has served as general counsel for The Reiki School + Clinic since December 2008 and her services and support have been invaluable. Angela has helped us with everything from understanding basic legal terms, to document drafting, lease negotiation, compliance concerns, and corporate restructuring and has even served as my family attorney on real estate matters. She is a strong, capable attorney who always seeks outcomes that help us maintain our commitment to integrity and respect for all beings. Angela's ability to move fluidly in the corporate world while retaining a compassionate heart is remarkable.

- Kimberly Fleisher, Owner/Director of The Reiki School + Clinic

From day one, Angela has been forward thinking and has helped Big Green Earth Store remain a viable business in tough economic times. She has given us great advice regarding the current sustainability and growth of Big Green Earth Store including negotiating vendor agreements, investment relationships and the upcoming launch of our franchise division. Angela is extremely confident in her capabilities, which creates a feeling of trust in us as her client, and is very well versed in international law which effects several areas of our retail business.

- Tony R. Fisher, President, Big Green Earth Store

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