Pet Care

A Pet Trust is identical to a trust that you would set up for a human being; it is a safe and legal way to protect the most vulnerable member of your family

As the "grantor” you fund the trust to care for your pet for his or her expected lifetime. You select a “caregiver” who will provide the day-to-day nurturing of your pet in your absence. And, if you wish, you can choose a "trustee" whose responsibilities are to manage the funds of the Pet Trust and make payments on a regular basis to your pet's caregiver.

Creating a Pet Trust allows the opportunity to leave detailed instructions about everything relating to your pet’s care including but not limited to, your pet's general needs, exercise and diet needs, preferred veterinarian, and health care. You will also determine who receives the remaining funds in the trust at your pet’s death.

At GLG we believe that proper planning for those we love leads to security and peace of mind. We will assist you in creating a Pet Trust that guarantees your pet will continue living a safe and comfortable life in your absence.

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