Real Estate Law

Giampolo Law Group represents clients in all areas of real estate law from residential and commercial real estate development, buying and selling a home, landlord/tenant law and title issues. Our client base is diverse and includes all parties from first-time home buyers, developers, brokers, lenders, and contractors, to architects and engineers in virtually every type of real estate transaction. With a thorough knowledge of real estate law and title issues, GLG is able to complete real estate transactions effectively.

Residential Real Estate
GLG provides assistance to residential buyers and sellers from the initial Agreement of Sale through Closing. The process of buying or selling a home is long and involves many steps including the purchase agreement, inspection documents, mortgage, title insurance and settlement.

Depending on the type of transaction, GLG will assist in preparing or reviewing the deed, co-ownership agreement, mortgage and promissory note. Moreover, we will attend Settlement to ensure a seamless transaction.

Commercial Real Estate
GLG will assist in all aspects of commercial property development from the negotiation and drafting of acquisition agreements, condominium and planned community documents, loan documents, partnership and joint venture agreements, to declarations of easements, covenants and restrictions and environmental compliance. GLG will also assist in the zoning process starting from the application all the way through any required hearings.

Whether you need assistance with a large-scale office and retail development, the construction of a multifamily residential building or the sale of a commercial property, GLG will address every issue from start to finish.

Landlord/Tenant Law
GLG practices Landlord/Tenant Law in both the commercial and residential settings and can assist either the landlord or the tenant in settling a dispute. GLG will aid in reviewing the lease at question, prosecuting an eviction through completion, and defending an improper eviction, as well as resolving disputes over security deposits or damages.

Lease Preparation and Review
GLG specializes in negotiating and preparing custom commercial leases and agreements that are affordable and legally enforceable. GLG will prepare, review and negotiate leases for regional shopping malls and major office buildings, whether for companies expanding into new locations and/or for franchisors or franchisees expanding into new locations.

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