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Optimal Sport Health Clubs

Angela Giampolo has been In-House counsel for Optimal since early 2008 and in that time she has been a stabilizing force during an intensive growth and development phase. In the last year, Giampolo Law Group spearheaded our two largest acquisitions, renegotiated several commercial leases, and assisted our C.O.O. in a range of development opportunities. Angela has been with us every step of the way while we revamped our corporate structure and ensured overall compliance and business continuity planning. Having Angela intimately involved in all operational aspects of our company has been wonderful and I could not recommend her more strongly.

- Jeffrey D. Shablin, C.E.O. of Optimal Sport Health Clubs

The Reiki School + Clinic

Angela has served as general counsel for The Reiki School + Clinic since December 2008 and her services and support have been invaluable. Angela has helped us with everything from understanding basic legal terms, to document drafting, lease negotiation, compliance concerns, and corporate restructuring and has even served as my family attorney on real estate matters. She is a strong, capable attorney who always seeks outcomes that help us maintain our commitment to integrity and respect for all beings. Angela's ability to move fluidly in the corporate world while retaining a compassionate heart is remarkable.

- Kimberly Fleisher, Owner/Director of The Reiki School + Clinic

Prodigal Private Security

As owner of a company operating in the nightlife and hospitality industries, liability and risk are constant and paramount concerns. Recognizing the potential for flaws in our armor, I turned to Giampolo Law Group for help. In a relatively short time, Angela has strengthened my company by reviewing and revamping our existing contracts, helping us avoid several critical mistakes and providing honest and direct input and guidance during our recent growth. Turning to Ms. Giampolo for counsel was by far the best investment I could have made to protecting what I’m building.

- Domenic Gallelli, M.S./President, Prodigal Private Security Inc.

Big Green Earth Store

From day one, Angela has been forward thinking and has helped Big Green Earth Store remain a viable business in tough economic times. She has given us great advice regarding the current sustainability and growth of Big Green Earth Store including negotiating vendor agreements, investment relationships and the upcoming launch of our franchise division. Angela is extremely confident in her capabilities, which creates a feeling of trust in us as her client, and is very well versed in international law which effects several areas of our retail business.

- Tony R. Fisher, President, Big Green Earth Store

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